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The Pura-Aqua reverse osmosis water filter system does not need any stock thanks to the further developed technology. It not only takes up much less space, but can also produce water continuously. At the same time, up to 70% of wastewater is collected compared to conventional osmosis plants.

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Who uses it Singles, families, senior citizens, office, gastronomy, aquaristic
Daily use Yes
Mobile use No
Installation time 25 min
Connection At the angle valve
Water extraction Over water faucet
Filter power per day Up to 1,514 liters
Electricity required Yes
Required water line pressure 1 bar
Ratio osmosis water to waste water 1 : 2
Interchange filter 6 months
Interchange Membrane 2 years

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The Pura Aqua comes from the family of direct flow reverse osmosis systems and sets new standards in quality and design and offers you a water experience that is unparalleled. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and better performance than before make this system so unique. Experience and enjoy pure water, free from lime, nitrate, nitrite, uranium, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, asbestos, coliform germs, drug residues, heavy metals and chlorine. Naturally, all unpleasant odors and flavors are also removed from the tap water. Not tomorrow - decide now for the latest generation of reverse osmosis and you will be rewarded every day with pure and fresh water. For each installation, we recommend purchasing a waterstop, which will stop the water supply in case of emergency.

What are the advantages of Directflow technology?
The Pura Aqua reverse osmosis Water filter system does not require a storage tank thanks to the further developed technology. It not only takes up much less space, but can also produce water continuously. At the same time, up to 70% of wastewater is collected compared to conventional osmosis plants. The filtration process is not started until you open the tap.
This new technology makes it possible for you to have up to 1600 liters of filtered water per day. Whether it is a 1-person household, large family or office: the simple dosage makes this system very suitable for every application and promises pure drinking pleasure from the first to the last drop.
  • The powerful pressure boost pump optimizes the water pressure in the system, which means that the reverse water filter always achieves maximum performance. Integrated is a sensor technology, which automatically switches on and off the pressure boost pump during a water withdrawal. As soon as you close the water tap, the pressure boost pump is automatically switched off.
  • An integrated flush valve allows the filter and membrane to be flushed at any time, which can be used to remove any deposits. At the same time the centerpiece, the membrane, is spared, which ensures a consistently high cleaning effect.
  • A white, high-gloss polished metal stand not only provides a high level of comfort during handling and filter replacement, but also ensures optimum stability. The system can not tip over and therefore does not need to be screwed.
  • A high-quality chrome-plated water pressure gauge shows the water pressure and the operating pressure at a glance.
  • All connections are equipped with easy-to-use quick-release connectors. These offer much better comfort and more safety compared to conventional screw connections and keep tight in the long term. You only have to plug the hose into the connection and it is secure and firmly anchored.
  • An integrated backflow stop provides maximum protection and ensures that the wastewater - and therefore unwanted accompanying substances - can not flow back into the reverse water filter.
    Technical Details Filter performance per day up to 1,514 liters
    Required water line pressure 1 bar
    Ratio of osmosis water to waste water 1 to 2 Dimensions of water filter (LxBxH) 36cm x 20cm x 50cm
    Integrated pressure boost pump (power connection required) 36V / DC - 3.0A Maintenance Recommended filter replacement every 6 months
    Recommended membrane change every 24 months
    Scope of delivery Reverse osmosis water filter Model PURA-AQUA
    9 inch sediment filter 5 Micron, Activated carbon filter, activated carbon block filter, activated charcoal filter
    Membrane 400 GPD diaphragm
    Chrome plated faucet Yes Complete mounting set Yes